Approach – Local and International

SunSystems is the ideal financial and business system for medium-sized or large organisations with standard corporate reporting requirements who also need to meet local requirements wherever they do business.

LLP International has worked on more than 500 SunSystems implementations, both as overall manager and as subcontractor to other SunSystems partners. SunSystems implementations generally follow a standard method (using standard documentation and terminology) developed by Infor, making it easy for us to cooperate with other partners and their consultants.

What to do if…

  • Your local and corporate offices follow asynchronous accounting periods?
  • You must close your corporate accounts rapidly with accruals where necessary, and your local books slowly with as few accruals as possible?
  • There’s a statutory chart of accounts?
  • There’s a need for negative debits and credits (these being different from credits and debits)?
  • There are local rules for product costing, work in progress valuation, asset capitalisation, tax depreciations, currency conversion, debt write-off, etc., that differ from your corporate rules?
  • Local conventions are based on ‘correspondence’ accounting (as in Russia)?
  • The environment is hyperinflationary?
  • You have to prepare regional P&L statement by product rather than by legal entity?
  • You operate your treasury at a regional level and you need prompt information on cash and bank balances in different currencies?
  • You have difficulties in reconciling inter-company invoices?
  • You must submit management reports in a different currency than your local currency?
  • You have to keep track of IFRS or US GAAP adjustments in an auditable manner?
  • You have a custom-developed front-office system and you need a standardised back-office system to support management and financial reporting?

Un-auditable adjustments in Excel are not the answer.

SunSystems’ multiple analytical dimensions and multiple ledgers lend themselves well to the prescription of some for corporate use and some for local specific use.

For example:

  • You may prescribe that the primary chart of accounts will always be the local one, mapped to a corporate account using a specific account analysis or transaction analysis value, or that the primary chart of accounts will always be the corporate one, mapped to the local account using a specific account analysis or transaction analysis value.
  • You may specify that specific transaction analysis values will be used for cost centre, or product, or employee, or location wherever you implement SunSystems.
  • You may specify specific journal types for specific purposes across all implementations.
  • You may use account analysis dimensions to signify currency translation rules for corporate reporting.
  • You may use specific budget ledgers for alternative depreciations.
  • You may need to make non-statutory adjustments to reflect different policies for debt write-off, stock valuation, or work-in-progress valuation.

Build SunSystems the same way wherever you are and you will be able to use almost identical reporting techniques, standardise corporate audits, and simplify support.

Core System Deployment

There is no one way to build a core system. The best way for you depends on your circumstances, the complexity of your reporting requirements, the local risk, the extent of your involvement in support, and so on. LLP International can help you to weigh the pros and cons.

Communication tools make remote support and consulting relatively easy. If there is something we might help you with, contact us with details and we’ll give you a quotation.

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