LLP has more than 25 years of experience in the deployment of SunSystems for international organisations. Many of our consultants have 10-15 years’ experience with different versions of SunSystems and add-on modules.

Cultural Awareness

LLP’s consultants come from 13 different countries and understand the issues that arise from cultural difference. Implementing software in the United Kingdom, Morocco and Italy, for example, requires a different touch in each place. Our teams are usually multinational but all LLP’s consultants speak and write English, which is the official language of the company.

On-Site or Remote

Whilst all our consultants are able and willing to travel, improvements in communication tools mean that much of our work can be done remotely, with our consultants and our clients’ staff working together in a dispersed virtual team.

Local and International Perspectives

We are expert in understanding international perspectives as well as local requirements and conventions.

Wide Industry Knowledge

LLP has worked as a long-term partner for many multinational clients in petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, finance, fast-moving consumer goods, professional services, retail and hospitality.

  • Roche
  • AIG
  • HBO
  • 3M
  • Menzies
  • PWC
  • Air BP
  • KBC
  • Corinthia Hotels
  • Holiday Inn
  • Dundee Precious Metals

Customer quotes

“I rate very highly the level of professionalism shown by the consultants. Their preparation, presentation, meeting of deadlines and execution were all exemplary.”

Miroslav Švrčina, CFO, Corinthia Towers Hotel

“We have been using SunSystems accounting software with its Bank Payment System module for one year already, and we highly appreciate its accuracy and functionality. In the meantime, we can’t imagine our daily operations and monthly closing being faster without it. The BPS significantly shortens the time it takes to book and match bank statement transactions, both receivables and payables.”

Peter Srpon, Finance Manager, 3M Slovakia

“We have been using SunSystems and BPS for many years. We started with implementation in one company and ended up using it across all our companies and countries in region. The key factor for roll out was the statement processing part which differentiates the BPS form other available systems. Each country and every bank needed a different approach but with BPS we were able easily to succeed thanks to the customer-oriented method of implementation.”

Vladimír Kořen, Head of Financial Reporting & Applications, AXA

“We like the BPS system, because it is easy to use and is seamlessly integrated with SunSystems. Online processing of payments saves us a lot of time in comparison with the man-days needed in the past. What we like most is the statement processing with its automatic matching of payments to open items as well as direct payments. Its self-learning mechanism and posting presets make the process quick and accurate.”

Mirka Hasmanová, Head of Financial Integrity & Control, American Express

“HBO, in Central Europe, having implemented SunSystems and Vision more than 10 years ago, rely on LLP as their partner to provide daily support as well as to introduce new functionalities and ideas as HBO’s requirements evolve. HBO has complete confidence in LLP’s consultants – their approach can be characterised as professional, flexible, pedantic, creative, and responsive, actively contributing in the decisions we make.”

Barbara Tarnóczi – ERP Coordinator, Controller, HBO Holding Zrt.

“Our partnership with LLP Group and investment in Infor SunSystems has been significantly instrumental to Menzies Aviation’s long-term success and growth. For 15 years, we operated the system in its first version before upgrading to the latest technology, which allowed us to leverage greater efficiency through more effective utilization of the entire solution.”

Jan Slunský, Vice President of Financial Systems, Menzies Aviation

“Its been a reasonably quick installation and the system is meeting our expectations and requirements.”

Lothar Schmitz, Group CFO, GTS Alive

“Approximately 3,000 transactions go through the Bank Payment System each month. With this system, we save time while ensuring the accuracy of our accounting, the traceability of all transactions, and also to remain compliant with our internal audit requirements.”

Jan Slunský, Vice President of Financial Systems, Menzies Aviation

“We chose Infor 10 Financials Business (SunSystems) because we needed long term and scalable application which is well suited to the needs of a global company in the hospitality industry, without having to customize the software.”

Artak Gevorgyan, Director of Finance, Courtyard by Marriott Irkutsk City Center

“LLP has been fundamental to the progress of SunSystems projects throughout Shell Gas. The company has been behind almost every installation to date, working for us in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy, Spain, etc. LLP has ensured that each implementation has been achieved in a consistent and standard way. What has been great to see is the professionalism of the consulting team, with one of them almost becoming a “Shell person”.”

Peter Haselden, Finance Manager, Shell Gas Italy

Our experience

Consultants from 13 countries
Projects in 70 countries
25 years of experience

Some of our work:

  • We designed a standard accounting and billing system for the aviation division of an international oil company, implementing the system in Central Europe, the Balkans, South America, and the Middle East.
  • We developed a method for measuring deviation from a standard SunSystems configuration several years after implementation.
  • We developed a standard solution for a pharmaceutical and consumer goods multinational comprised of three separate divisions, each with its own reporting requirements, but often ‘housed’ in one local entity in each country. This was implemented in Central and Eastern Europe (including in Russia during a period of hyperinflation) and the Middle East.
  • We designed a core system for a multinational holding company where all transactions are captured in four currencies (two for data entry and two for reporting) and both statutory and US GAAP revaluations are processed automatically.
  • We implemented a core system and interfaced it to the front office system in more than 20 countries for a leading company in the oil & gas sector. We developed a method to convert live systems to make the base currency Euro, when the respective country introduced Euro as official currency.
  • We developed interface using ION with the purpose of importing sales data and generating sales invoices after making relevant data transformation.
  • We devised a method for the upgrade in 32 markets, over 18 months in three waves, of a distributed SunSystems and BI implementation in the pharmaceutical sector which involved the upgrade of more than one hundred of third-party products, SQL procedures and triggers, and interfaces, coordinating project work on behalf of multiple teams and subcontractors in multiple countries.
  • We managed the transition of support and know-how from our support team to a global support organisation for one of the largest petrochemical corporations.
  • We developed a method for the transformation of SunSystems transactions and reference data in situ to reflect changes in analytical structures and charts of accounts.
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