How do you measure compliance with a core SunSystems design?

Since LLP Group was founded in 1992 the company has specialised in the deployment of ‘core’ SunSystems designs. Infor’s SunSystems, with its concept of transaction analysis, account analysis (enabling the mapping of local to corporate charts of accounts, or vice versa) and its unified ledger (accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger all in one), is ideal for this purpose.

Aspects of financial analysis that are common to an international organisation, such as balance sheet and P&L structures, departmental organisation, asset classifications, and product categorisations, can be standardised for all systems, and those elements that are required for local reporting, such as a local chart of accounts, tax classifications, and so on, can be ‘filled in’ when the core system is deployed in a particular country. The idea can also be extended to procedures, and international organisations will often try to standardise their purchasing or sales procedures.

A Core System is thus a skeleton that reflects elements common to an entire organisation, together with some Statutory Space to enable local requirements to be met.

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