Infor SunSystems 4.4.2 now available

We are pleased to announce the latest release of Infor SunSystems 4. SunSystems 4.4.2 is now generally available for all our customers.  This release introduces lots of new and enhanced features:

sunsystems-4-4-2_pictureAudit Control

All module-related Audit Control options are now defined by business unit. Fringe audit control shortcuts, AX (audit control additional) and AT (transaction audit control), no longer exist. The selections available in those forms have now been incorporated into their parent functions, such as shortcut SO/AC (audit control).

Account allocation and void payments

Account allocation and void payments have the ability to audit the setting of allocation marker “C” Correction. The latest details can be viewed through the AA or AQ transaction page in columns “Alloc Ref” and “Date” and “Period” using the “Allocation” overlay.


The range of data available in report type “PLP” (purchase listing) has been expanded to include item balances (LIT).
Report type invoice/acknowledgement related to SunSystems 4.4.2 example report formats, LABEL, SA1, SA2, SC1, SD1, SI1, SI2, and SQ1, were modified to align them with an updated formatting process that now requires an appropriate ‘key source’ relationship for account details to be defined.
Infor SunSystems 4.4.2 removes a rule sets restriction that only permitted mapping of a list of values to a fixed value field (e.g., D or C to the Debit/Credit Indicator). This new release includes mapping of fixed value fields to imported data defined through external format definitions.

User interface

The GUI (graphical user interface) is updated in this release.

Other important changes:

Technology and platform updates

These platforms and databases are supported by Infor SunSystems 4.4.2:

If you need additional details please contact your Account Manager.


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