Infor SunSystems software assists Menzies Aviation in 35 countries

Menzies Aviation, a global independent logistics specialist present at more than 218 airports, has used Infor SunSystems for financial management for over 20 years in 35 different countries across 5 continents, supported by LLP Group. LLP Group has also helped Menzies to integrate SunSystems with additional airport systems and to connect to 28 different banks.

Our partnership with LLP Group and investment in Infor SunSystems has been significantly instrumental to Menzies Aviation’s long-term success and growth. For 15 years, we operated the system in its first version before upgrading to the latest technology, which allowed us to leverage greater efficiency through more effective utilization of the entire solution,” says Jan Slunský, Vice President of Financial Systems at Menzies Aviation.

“Whenever we needed to add another new airport, location, country, or just adapt some processes in the system, we could rely on LLP Group to help us in the area of ​​system implementation and operation, but also in IT infrastructure configuration and management,” continues Jan Slunský.

Today the system is used by over 1,000 users. In countries where there are a large number of payment transactions, Menzies Aviation has implemented LLP’s Bank Payment System, which enables direct communication between Infor SunSystems and banks across the globe.

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