SunSystems implementations usually combine core applications with specific add-ons to meet sector and local requirements.
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Infor Financials

  • Infor SunSystems

    Infor SunSystems

    Infor’s SunSystems is an organisation’s transactional core system – covering Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger and Asset Register. Infor SunSystems Order Fulfilment automates sales, purchase and inventory procedures.

  • Infor d/EPM

    Infor d/EPM

    Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management offers intelligent business and financial performance management capabilities and enables you to drive your overall business performance more effectively.

  • Infor Birst

    Infor Birst

    Infor Birst provides a single, elegant, cloud-based platform for networked business intelligence. It is designed to support enterprise-scale requirements of both large and medium-sized businesses.

  • Infor Q&A

    Infor Q&A

    Infor BI and Infor Q&A provide business intelligence tools for interrogation, analysis and reporting.

  • Infor XM

    Infor XM

    Infor XM reduces the cost and increases the efficiency of employee-initiated expense and revenue processes.

Add Ons

  • expense@work


    expense@work provides organisation-wide expense management capability.

  • time@work


    time@work provides professional services management functionality interfaced to SunSystems' ledgers.

  • forms@work


    forms@work provides a set of tools for organisation-wide forms management (absence requests, marketing requests, travel requests, simple procurement, etc.)

  • iPOS


    iPOS provides organisation-wide procurement capability.

  • Collect


    Collect extends the power of SunSystems Accounts Receivable with debt collection tools.

  • Bank Payment System

    Bank Payment System

    LLP's Bank Payment System links SunSystems and your local banking software.

Infor Technology

  • ION


    ION, Infor’s middleware and workflow software provides a powerful software infrastructure on which to build an integrated solution set.

  • Ming.le


    Infor Ming.le provides a centralised platform for collaboration giving every user a powerful assortment of advanced capabilities in an easy-to-use package.

  • Mongoose


    Infor Mongoose is an application development framework that lets you easily design and deploy applications that enhance your core enterprise solution.